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National Poker Day is April 19 . Those that love the game are excited about this holiday.

Please celebrate by playing this wonderful card game, teaching those how to play, and help us spread the word about the best card game on the planet, POKER !

Poker Table
First year 2019


We are looking for a casino to host out annual event. Any takers ??

We believe  that a casino should be  the home of NPD.  If you have any connections with a casino, please give us a email  ASAP !

Just me lol..jpg
Founder of NPD Holiday DJ Rick McNeely


DJ Rick McNeely  is the founder of the "official " holiday.  He is also the creator of several other holidays :

National Selfie Day

National Motorcycle Week

National Food Truck Day

National Cowgirl Day

National Hip Hop Day

DJ Rick is a radio personality for the Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington TX. He has been on the air for over nine years. He's the current host on the TV show " Hot Grills Of Texas", and a voice over actor. 

You can hear his live radio show every Wednesday at 1 pm CST. 

Poker Chips
Big CHIP Word Record
On March 16, 2019 we are going to attemp to set a record for the " Largest Poker Chip " Click on the Big Chip tab for more info.
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